UGC Human Resource Development Centre

 Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Short Term Courses

Students at Ph.D /post-doctoral levels from the Centre of Advanced Studies/Department of Special Assistance centres may take part in the special interaction programmes to be organised by the the ASC. The interaction programmes should be in the form of workshop/seminars only.

The duration of this programme should be about three to four weeks. The main focus of this programme will be interaction between Ph.D./post-doctoral scholars and teachers. The number of participants for this programme shall be 15 to 20. This interaction programme may be held once a year.

  1. Duration :- 3-6 Days
  2. Class held in off working hourse.
  3. No leave is permissible for the participants
  4. No TA is admissible
  5. Daily allowances may be paid if applicable and registration fees of is to be adjusted against the same.
  6. Eligiblty candidates :- (AMU main campus)
  7. AMU faculty members
  8. Research scholars
  9. Administrative staff